Zafer UYSAL UZEL MAKİNA Spur Gear Design for Hevay Duty Transmission Gearbox 2005 Spring
Akın OKTAV   Handling Characteristics of a RWD Sedan 2005 Spring
Bülent Emel KEŞLİ FORD-OTOSAN Truck Suspension Ride Analysis for Ford Cargo 2005 Fall
Güner DEMİRURAL FORD-OTOSAN The Design and Construction of an Autonomously Guided Vehicle for Part Transfer in Ford Otosan Body Shop 2005 Fall
Ziya Evren DENİZERİ   Modeling and Analysis of an Overhead Camshaft 2005 Fall
Light Following Vehicle
2005 Fall
Metin GÜVEN MERCEDES-BENZ The Effect of Leaf Spring and Front Axle Deformation on Steering of a Truck 2005 Fall
Aysan Levin HOŞVER FORD-OTOSAN Design and Finite Element Analysis of Lower Arm 2005 Fall
Nur Serdar KAZEZYILMAZ   The Effect of Injection Duration of Air Fuel Mixture 2005 Fall
Ercan USLU FORD-OTOSAN Designing a Coil Spring For Front Suspension 2005 Fall
Nazif Can YARMAN   The Effect of Active Suspension Systems on Vehicle Body 2005 Fall
Görkem ÖZGELEN   H oo And H2 Controller Design For Adaptive Cruise Control System 2006 Spring
Yenal ALKAN TABO OTOMOTİV YAN SANAYİİ Fatigue Analysis for Remote Control Mechanism on Tractor Levers with Ansys Workbench Environment 2006 Spring
Halil BİLGİN MERCEDES-BENZ Failure Analysis of a Drive Axle 2006 Spring
Bülent DENİZ FORD-OTOSAN Engine Front Lifting Eye Improvement 2006 Spring
Ersin KILIÇ FORD-OTOSAN Fatigue Life Prediction of an Engine Exhaust Valve 2006 Spring
Mustafa Efe PARMAKSIZ FORD-OTOSAN Design and Optimization of Connecting Rod 2006 Spring
Banu SİNANOĞLU FORD-OTOSAN Front Wheel End Joint Analysis 2006 Spring
Ahmet TAŞ FORD-OTOSAN Fatigue Life Estimation of the Rear Brake Disc of a Commercial Vehicle 2006 Spring
Ufuk TEKİN MERCEDES-BENZ Design and Analysis of Ford Fiesta Rally Car Roll-Cage 2006 Spring
Tunç YERLİ FORD-OTOSAN Comparison of FRA And Experimental Results for Formability of Automotive Body Parts 2006 Spring
Deniz ÇETİN FORD-OTOSAN Topology Optimization of a Gearbox Bracket 2006 Fall
Alper DENİZÖZ BOSCH-ALMANYA Misfire Detection Using Spectral Analysis 2006 Fall
Hasan Ali HEPATEŞKAN FORD-OTOSAN Design for Recyclability and It's Implemantations at Ford Motor Company 2006 Fall
Oral AKAYLAR FORD-OTOSAN Identification and Reduction of Lugging Boom For Solid Mass Flywheel Vehicles 2006 Fall
Yeliz AYKAN ZAYAS MERCEDES-BENZ Thermodynamic Analysis and System Optimization of Fuel Cell 2006 Fall
Barış ÇAY FORD-OTOSAN A Study for Improving the Handbrake System Performance on New Transit 2006 Fall
İsmail Köysel ÇETİN FORD-OTOSAN Improvement on Stopping Distance for Longitudinal Braking 2006 Fall
İlker ORALKASIM FORD-OTOSAN Steer-by-wire (SWB) System on Ford Transit Connect 2006 Fall
Bülent YEĞENOĞLU FORD-OTOSAN Vehicle Side Slip Angle Estimation 2006 Fall
Koray ULU   Installation of Cruise Control System on a 2-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine 2007 Fall
İbrahim Cüneyt ÇOKMERT   Decoupling of Yaw-Roll Modes of a Vehicle Using Robust Control Techniques 2007 Fall
Erdal USTA OTOKAR Full Car Suspension Analysis of Both Commercial and Light Armoured Military Vehicles 2008 Spring
Melih Aras Ertekin   Design of a Tuned Mass Damper For an Automobile Suspension System 2008 Spring
Eren Büyükevin   Design of a High Speed Peeling Machine 2008 Spring
Mert Alanyalı   Numerical Analysis of Automotive Metalic Bumpers at Low-Velocity Impacts 2008 Spring
İzel Konfidan   A New Approach to Magnesium Alloys for Powertrain Applications 2008 Spring
Ahmet Aras ARICAN  
Digital Boost Controller
2008 Spring
Cem Sohtorik   Automated Manual Transmission Project 2008 Spring
Yunus Emre BAYTEKİN FORD OTOSAN Investigations and Thermodynamic Model of a Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine 2008 Fall
Caner BAYBURTLU FORD OTOSAN Modelling Nox-Formation in Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Combustion Processes 2008 Fall
Onur AKPINAR FORD OTOSAN Dynamometer Correlation Engine Performance Show Discrepancy in Dynamometers 2008 Fall
Mehmet Fatih KÜÇÜKAHMETOĞLU FORD OTOSAN Finite Elemnt Analysis and Topology Optimization for Rear Bracket of a Commercial Vehicle 2008 Fall
A. Ümit GÖKTEPE MERCEDES BENZ An Investigation of Booming Noise on a Light Commercial Vehicle 2008 Fall
Özgür ERKEK FORD OTOSAN NVH Improvement for Air Condition Growl in Passenger Compartment 2008 Fall
Onur DERİNÖZ FORD OTOSAN Vehicle Systems Effciency Evaluation Using Bimulink and Dymola 2008 Fall
Ferda Yeliz KOÇ   Modeling and Investigation of Thermal Loads on Pistons by Numerical Methods in MATLAB 2008 Fall
İlker PÜRSÜNLÜ TEKLAS KAUÇUK Effect of EGR on HCCI Engine Ignition 2008 Fall
Erdem İŞBİLEN FORD OTOSAN Modeling Hydraulic Assisted Steering System of a Light Commercial Vehicle in Simulink 2009 Spring
Ferhat KAHRAMAN FORD OTOSAN Weight Optimization of Engine Ladder Frame 2009 Spring
Cengiz ÖZKAN   Rubber Engine Mount System Modeling and Optimization 2009 Spring
Ozan ÖZKAN   Analysis of a Two-Piece Light Commercial Vehicle Drive Shaft With Finite Element Method 2009 Spring
Z. Tuğba TAŞDEMİR FORD OTOSAN Shift Indicator Light & Its Effect to Fuel Consumption 2009 Spring
İbrahim İlkem YILDIZ FORD OTOSAN Modelling Suspension System of a Light Commercial Vehicle 2009 Spring
Gökhan ÇEREZCİ   Numerical Simulation of Defrosting & Defogging on Car Rear Window 2009 Spring
Anıl GÜROL   Analysis and Optimization of a Coach Luggage Rack 2010 Fall
Burak ÖZALTIN   Comparative Analysis of an Automotive Air Conditioning System Operating With Carbon Dioxide and Tetrafluoroethane 2010 Fall
Murat KAYNAR   Modeling Brake System of A Medium Commercial Vehicle in Simulink 2010 Fall
Zahide Esra AYDOĞAN FORD-OTOSAN Cooling Analysis of Air in Circular Pipe with Matlab in Cargo Brake System 2010 Fall
Gökhan AKGÜN AVL Arastırma ve Mühendislik Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi Modelling and Simulation of Gasoline Direct Injection Adapted to 1.6-Litre Multi-Point Injection Spark Ignition Engine 2010 Spring
Canan Ergün Tavukçu FORD-OTOSAN Design and Finite Element Analysis of a Rear Underrun Protection Device for Heavy Duty Vehicles in Compliance with United Nations ECE R58.02 Regulation 2010 Spring
Tunca ALİKAYA   Fatigue Analysis and Optimization of Door Striker Area Spot Welds and Reinforcement Bracket 2010 Spring
Harun Salman Isuzu Exterior Aerodynamic Analysis of an Urban Transport Bus 2010 Spring
Yasin Karasoy FORD-OTOSAN Modelling and Optimization of a Turbocharged Direct Injection Gasoline Internal Cosbustion Engine Lubrication System 2010 Spring
Serdar Demir FORD-OTOSAN Customer-Correlated General Durability Test For Heavy-Duty Engines 2010 Spring
Ender Nadir FORD-OTOSAN Diesel Engine Calibration Robustness Study 2010 Spring
Hüseyin Anıl Kolukırık FORD-OTOSAN Applications of Reduced Chemical Kinetic Models for Is O-Octane and N-Heptane Oxidations for Hcci Combustion 2010 Spring
Berkay Tunaboylu   Automatic Axle Control System With On-Board Weight Measurement 2010 Fall
Özge Yıldırım   Vibration Reduction An A/C Compressor On An Intercity Bus 2010 Fall
Mustafa Koç FORD-OTOSAN Analysis of Fuel Economy and Performance Improvement on a 260ps Heavy-Duty Engine from Upsizing, Injector&Injection Parameters Point of View 2011 Spring
Onur Yenipazarlı FORD-OTOSAN Vibration Analysis and Optimization of a Truck Front Bumper 2011 Spring
Murat Bütün FORD-OTOSAN Life Support System Design Guidelines for Military Vehicles 2011 Spring
Uğur Yılmaz FORD-OTOSAN Design and Optimization of an Hvac Air Distribution Doct System for a Passenger Vehicle 2011 Spring
Vedat Şahinkaya   Modelling of a Rubber Bushing for Automobile Application 2011 Fall
Arda Alpan   Design and Optimization of an Engine Cooling System of a Commercial Vehicle Using CFD Tools 2011 Fall
Kıvanç Şekerci OYAK Renault 7 Degree of Freedom Full Car Vibration Model And Its 3D Animation With Matlab-Simulink 2012 Spring
Battal Çağlar Topaloğlu OYAK Renault Low Speed Crash Test Simulation of Front Bumber Finite Element Method 2012 Spring
İsmail Akkurt Ford Otosan Mathematical Modeling of Heavy Duty Vehicle to Calculate Clutch Dissipated Energy During Standing Start 2012 Spring
Ali Emre Hortaçsu   Simulation of the Heating System of an 18M Articulated Bus Using Kuli Software 2012 Spring
Hasan Özhan Coşkun Ford Otosan Cooling System Design and Heat Rejection of a Diesel Engine 2012 Spring
Koray Bay Ford Otosan Exhaust Cold End Design Optimization for Tailpipe Noise and Backpressure 2012 Spring
Gürbey Çeken   Software Development for Performance and Fuel Consumption Estimation of Military Vehicle 2012 Spring
Yunus Alıcı Ford Otosan Reducing the Number of Cabin Tilting Cylinders from Two to One a Heavy Commercial Vehicle 2012 Fall
Lütfiye Deniz Yetkin Ford Otosan Laser Welding for Tailor Welded Blank Applications 2013 Fall
Cenay Gündoğdu Ford Otosan Downsized Disel Engine: One Dimensional Turbocharger Modeling Matching and Selecting 2013 Fall
Barış Pehlivanoğlu Oyak Renault Test Bench Configuration for Renault K9K 766 1.5L EU4 Diesel Engine & Bench Tests & Modeling & Partial Load Analysis & Injection Shift Study Via Calibration Modification 2013 Fall
Erşen Kan Oyak Renault Simulation of Airflow Around Renault Megane HB for Different Cases Using Fluent 2013 Fall
Müjdat Sert Oyak Renault Simulation of Airflow Around Renault Fluence for Different Cases Using Fluent 2013 Fall
Yasin Yiğit Vatandaş Oyak Renault Boost Modelling of Renault K9K 766 1.5L EU4 Diesel Engine & Bench Tests & Comparison of Experimental & Calculation Results 2013 Fall
Koray Daye Oyak Renault Fatigue Life Analysis of a Failed Piston Used in Engine Cylinder Block Milling Machine 2013 Fall
İrem Koçelli Oyak Renault Test Bench Configuration for Renault K4M800 1.6L Gasoline Engine & Bench Tests to Collect Data from the Running Engine to Compare with the Created Model of the Engine 2013 Fall
Alper Kaptan Oyak Renault Subframe Endurance Results Analysis and Modeling 2013 Fall
Erdem Kaya Oyak Renault Parametrical Study of Injection Shift on Boost Model of K9K 766 1.5 L EU4 Diesel Engine & Comparison of Experimental & Calculation Results 2013 Fall
Ali Turan Oyak Renault Boost Modeling of a Turbo Charger Added K4M.800 1.6L Gasoline Engine 2013 Fall
Melike Demir Oyak Renault Test Bench Configuration for Renault K9K 766 1.5L EU4 Diesel Engine & Bench Tests & GCA Modelling 2013 Fall
Cemal Güneş Ford Otosan Design of Pickup Box Side Board for New Ford Transit Chassis Cab 2013 Fall
Devim Yontar Oyak Renault Analysis of Air Suction Effect Cooling of a Hat Soak Vehicle 2013 Fall
İbrahim Sertaç Akın Ford Otosan Rollover Analysis and Optimization of Load Trensfer in Light Commercial Vehicles 2013 Fall
Kerem Sezer Ford Otosan Design of a Tubular Chassis for a Race Car Via FEA 2013 Fall
Yahya Öz Ford Otosan Segel S Yaw-Roll Model of Heavy Commercial Vehicle with Cabin Suspension 2013 Fall
İsmet Zülfikar Oyak Renault Mechanical Properties of Newly Developed Experimental Magnesium Alloys Designed for Automobile Engine Block 2013 Spring
Suat Özkaya Oyak Renault Battery Electric Vehicles: Simple Modeling & Component Analysis 2013 Spring
İbrahim Kemal Kurtuluş Oyak Renault Automatic Lift Axle Control 2013 Spring
Can Acar Oyak Renault Simulation and Analysis of 3D External Airflow Around Renault Clio for Different Cases Using Ansys Fluent 2013 Spring
Seda Küçüktaşkıran Oyak Renault Simulation and Analysis of 3D External Airflow Around Renault Clio for Different Cases Using Ansys Fluent 2013 Spring
Onur Akgöl Aerodynamic Analysis on the Influence of Vehicle Rear Diffuser Angle on Aerodynamic Drag & Wake Structure 2013 Spring
Mustafa Şeyhmus Keleş Ford Otosan Blind Spot Detection and Prevention System Using Ultrasonic Distance Sensors 2013 Spring
Serden Öztay Ford Otosan Topology Optimization of Alternator Bracket for Heavy Duty Vehicles 2013 Spring
Necati Çağrı Gizli Ford Otosan A Vehicle Dynamic Model Developped Using Matlab 2013 Spring
Gökmen Polat Design and Manufacturing Optimization of Injection - Molded Plastic Components with the Finite Element Method 2013 Spring
Orhan Polat Ford Otosan Crashworthiness of TRA Bracket&Engine Mount for 2.0L Diesel Engine and Its Optimization 2013-2014 Fall
Yiğit Güler Numerical Analysis of The Luggage Rack Carrier Bracket Made From Continuous Glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Matrix Composites Under Static Loading Condition 2013-2014 Fall
Mehmet Sarp Mamıkoğlu Range Maximization in an Electric Vehicle by Using a two Speed Transmission 2013-2014 Fall
Serhan Karakoç Ford Otosan Design and Analysis of a Fuel Tank Durability Test Rig 2013-2014 Fall
Uğur Kuşcan Ford Otosan 2.0L Diesel Engine With Serial Sequential Turbocharger System: Building 1-D Model, Test Correlation, Parametrical Analysis 2013-2014 Fall
Hasan Özgür Güven Anti-Jerk Controller Design in Matlab & Simulink 2013-2014 Fall
Emin Sarılar Valvetrain Test Rig Studies On Friction and Brake Performance Improvement 2013-2014 Spring
Oğuz Bora Yılmaz Realistic Scrar Shedding Simulation For Automotive Stamping Dies 2013-2014 Spring
Mehmet Doğan Ford Otosan New Ford Transit Custom Side Load Door Step Design Improvement 2013-2014 Spring
Çağatay Kocaoğlu Comparison of Two Modeling Techniques For Piston-Liner Interaction in Terms of Piston Secondary Motion Using AVL Excite 2013-2014 Spring
Umut Ergüzel Oyak Renault Finite Element Analysis of The Deformation and The Vibration Problems of K98 Roof Panel 2013-2014 Spring
Özgüç Onur Güneri Oyak Renault Weight Reduction and Design Optimization of The Trunk Lid Gas Spring Support by Using Finite Element Method 2013-2014 Spring
Burak Çınar Ford Otosan Heavy Duty Vehicles Transmission and Engine Alignment Study 2014-2015 Fall
Eren Onur Göray Ford Otosan Vibrational Durability Key-Life Test Development & Optimization for Engine Mounted Plastic Covers 2014-2015 Fall
Cihangir Özmüş Brush Seal Stıffness and Leakage Characterizatıon with Dynamic Test Rig 2014-2015 Fall
Gökhan Özcan Ford Otosan Static and Dynamic Analysis of Truck Engine Mounts 2014-2015 Fall
Şerafettin Serdar İster Ford Otosan Finite Element Analysis and Design of Linear Track Guides 2014-2015 Fall
Saltuk Buğra Çiftçioğlu Development of a Modified Macpherson Suspension of a front Wheel driven vehicle. 2014-2015 Fall
Rubi ZARA Ford Otosan A Design of Experiment Study on the Accuracy 2015/2016 Fall
Alper KILIÇ Ford Otosan Optimization and Sustainability of the Parameters Affecting Clinch Quality in Automative Industry 2015/2016 Fall
Mustafa Batuhan YILANÇALI Deflection Analysis of a Non Pneumatic Tire 2015/2016 Fall
Volkan Aydınol Ford Otosan Air Intake System Transmission Loss Assessment on a Heavy Duty Engine Via Helmholtz Resonator 2016-2017 Fall
Halim Aksoy Design and Topology Optimization of a Lower Control Arm With Additive Manufacturing 2016-2017 Fall
Cem Toygar Uysal Ford Otosan Topology Optimization of Transmission Mount For Heavy Duty Vehicles 2016-2017 Fall
Sanran Gülşen Ford Otosan Estimation of a Gasoline Engine Indicated Torque By Using Empiricial Heat Release Model 2016-2017 Fall
Muhammed Ali Altunbilek Ford Otosan The Effects of Select Cable Adjustment on Shift Quality 2016-2017 Fall
Onur Güleş Ford Otosan Diesel Engine Radiated Noise Contribution Analysis Using Multiple Regression Method 2016-2017 Fall
Ömer İsmailoğlu Analysis of Weight Reduced Propeller Shaft of a Commercial Vehicle 2016-2017 Spring
Okan Us Ford Otosan Expander Type Selection for Organic Rankine Cycle Whr System 2016-2017 Spring
Mustafa Buluş Reinforcement of Rear Underrun Protection System 2016-2017 Spring
Uğur Ayhan Beştepe Ford OtosanLithium Ion Batteries: Process Changes for Performance Optimization 2016-2017 Spring
Büşra AcetFord OtosanOne Dimensional Doc Temperature Müdel2017-2018 Fall
Fatih BayraktarThe Effect of the Exhaust Pipe Angles on Exhaust Temperatures2017-2018 Fall
Ömür Özcan Ford OtosanDevelopment and Verification of a Müdeling Approach for Passive Damping Treatments2017-2018 Fall
Berker NizamoğluMercedes Benz Türk A.Ş.Design of a Thickness Profile for 11.8T Tandem Steel Spring of a Truck2017-2018 Fall
Ömer ErcanFord OtosanWell to Wheel Analysis2017-2018 Fall
Musa Kemal SoysalFord OtosanVehicle Fuel Consumption Cycles and WFCT (WLTP Fuel Consumption Calculation Tool)2017-2018 Fall
Efe Mustafa TürkyılmazRecovery of Exhaust Waste Heat for ICE Using the Alpha Type Stirling Engine 2017-2018 Fall
Vahit Emre GüneşOyak RenaultDesign of a4-Wheel Steering Active Control System to Replace Toe Angle for Road Vehicles2017-2018 Fall
Hüseyin Kartal Anadolu ISUZUSelection Battery Type By Simulation For Electric Buses in Metrobus Line of Istanbul2017-2018 Fall
Akacan Ahmet ZeydanlıFord OtosanDesign of a Trailer Coupling Bracket for a Heavy-Duty Vehicle Validated by Laboratory –Simulated Road Load Data2017-2018 Fall
Fırat ÖcalOtokarModelling the Effect of Two Different Radiator Grills on Bus Radiator Performance2017-2018 Fall
Aydil AyberFord OtosanController Design for Drifting in Automobiles2017-2018 Fall
Gizem Armağan CanbazFord OtosanDesign and Manufacturing Optimization of Wheel Arc Molding by Finite Element Method2017-2018 Fall
Caner ÇalıkFord OtosanTopology Optimization of AC Compressor Bracket for Heavy Duty Engines2017-2018 Fall
Mutlu AydemirWeight Optimization of Steel Truck Wheels Using Finite Element Method2017-2018 Fall
Numan İnanç SoyluoğluOyak RenaultWeight Reduction and Design Optimization of Brackets of Electronic Stability Program Hydraulic Unit by Using Finite Element Method2017-2018 Fall
Can ErenFord OtosanDesign A Rubber Bush for a Stabilizer Bar2017-2018 Fall
Anıl GüngörThe Effect of the Sensor Probe Length to the Accuracy of the Sensor Measurement2017-2018 Fall
Necip Emre OlcayCouıpling the Appropriate Turbocharger for a Naturally Aspirated SI Engine 2017-2018 Fall
Emre YavuzFord OtosanFuel Economy Technologies and Stirling Engine Termodynamic Model Study to Investigate the Opportunity for a Future Adaptation of Stirling Engine on Ice 2017-2018 Fall
Serhat GirginFord OtosanParallel Pin Plate Indirect Air Cooling Battery Thermal Management System 2017-2018 Fall
Selçuk SezerFord OtosanNatural Frequency Shifing on Automotive Instrument Panel By Increasing Stiffness2017-2018 Fall
Fariye Müge KirazFord OtosanDesing of Trailing Arm For A New C-Car Platform2017-2018 Fall
Emrecan KirazFord OtosanAnalysis and Optimization of Rear Bumper System for Low Speed Crashworthiness and Step Surface Load Capability2017-2018 Fall
Erhan AslanExhaust Waste Heat Recovery System Applied on an Intercity Bus With a Diesel Euro VI Engine2017-2018 Fall
Onur GüzelFord OtosanEvaluation of HIC and Chest Deflection Performance of a Seatbelt&Pab System2017-2018 Fall
Alpcan Uçkan Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Sealing Material Wear Characterization2017-2018 Fall
Yiğit Tunç Acoustic Camera for Automotive Applications2017-2018 Fall
Samet PekerAnalytical Model Validation of Crankshaft’s Torsional Vibration System and Engine Speed Fluctuation Improvement of Three Cylinder Gasoline Engine2017-2018 Fall
Ata Fehmi Cillov Oyak RenaultMachine Learning Approach to Driving Behavior Classification Using Telematics2017-2018 Fall
Zeki TiberFord OtosanCustomer Correlated Durability Test Development for Trailer Truck 16 Speed Heavy Duty Transmission2017-2018 Fall
Oytun Sarıkoca Hybrid Electric Vehicle Optimization2017-2018 Spring
Sercan Atılgan Design Revision of a Parcel Shelf in a Light Commercial Vehicle to Reduce Coast ad Weight2017-2018 Spring
Uğur Akbaba Design and Optimization of an Ultrasonic Leakage Detection Microphone Array for Windshield Wind Noise2017-2018 Spring
Ahmet Özgün Aksoy Finite Element Analysis and Structural Improvement of a Bus Body Structure2018-2019 Fall
Kağan Baştimar Structural Analysis and Design Improvements of Front Console Substrate of a Truck2018-2019 Fall
Faruk Aytar Mount Stiffness Optimization for Vibration Refinement in a Light Commercial Vehicle2018-2019 Fall
Mehmet Fatih Yılmaz Finite Element Analysis and Structural Improvement of a Vehicle Carrier Structure2018-2019 Fall
Alp Çetin Predicting the Air Induction Orifice Noise Level With a Hybrid Method2018-2019 Fall
Gürkan Delen Vibration Analysis of a Semi Active Suspension System With Variable Stiffness2018-2019 Fall
Cihan Özen Reading Basic Ecu Parameters of a Road Vehicle Through Can Communication Using an Arduino Uno Board2018-2019 Fall
Denizhan Çopuroğlu Android Tool For Vehicle Function Control and Data Recording Based on Can Bus System2018-2019 Fall
Enes Tunçer The Effect of Deceleration on Regenerative Braking System Performance2018-2019 Fall
Emir Fikret Ateş The Driving Cycle in İstanbul, Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emission for Mercedes Benz Buses2018-2019 Fall
Nurettin Bağrıyanık Optimum Gear Ratio Calculation And Comparison of One/Two Speed Transmissions on Power Consumption in Electric Vehicles2020/2021 Fall
Dilay DoğanFord- OtosanFinite Element Analysis of Aluminum And Structural Steel Brake Pedal By Using Ansys2020/2021 Fall
Hüseyin KarabıyıkFord-OtosanEngine Out NOx Prediction for Euro VI Heavy-Duty Engines2020/2021 Fall
Serdar KaracanFord-OtosanEvaluating Impact of Isolators for a Vehicle’s Ac Compressor Using Ansys2020/2021 Fall
Ömür Boran KanargıAutomated Driving2020/2021 Fall
Hakan VarolFord-OtosanReliability of Fuel Consumption Analysis Based on a Simple OBD-II Interpreter Device2020/2021 Fall
Tamer AcetFord-OtosanAnalyzing The Effect of Exhaust Electrical Heater on Cold Start No Emissions Using Simulation2021/2022 Spring
Uğur Aras KüçükyalçınFord-OtosanDesign and Analysis of a Bracket for the Aerodynamic Underbody Covers of a Track2021/2022 Spring
Alper Özdemir Cooling Pack Design For a Heavy-Duty Hybrid Vehicle2021/2022 Spring
Umut Peker CFD & Acoustic & Modal Analysis of an Automotive Muffler2021/2022 Spring
Mert Batuhan YurtalanFord-OtosanApplication of Topology Optimization on Ford Otosan Rakun Pro 2 Chassis and Structural Performance Improvements2021/2022 Spring
İsmail Alper Yeşiltaş Comparative Study of One-Speed And Two-Speed Transmissions for Electric Vehicles2021/2022 Spring
Fırat Karcı The Effect of Battery Electric Vehicle Properties on Roll-Over of Large SUVs2021/2022 Spring
Murat Akkaş Comparison of Two Different Planetary Gear Systems in Respect to the Design 2022/2023 Fall
Tuncer Atan Ford-Otosan An Overview on Polymers And a Finite Element Analysis for Stiffness of Polymers Based Parts 2022/2023 Fall
Emre Canpulat Automotive Seat System Forward Longitudinal Strength and Anchorage Static Pull Test Analysis in Ansys 2022/2023 Fall
Çağla Başak Body in White Materials and Analysis of Steel and Aluminium Material Substitution in Passenger Car Front Hood Component 2022/2023 Fall
Esen Bora Eseroğlu Adaptive Cruise Control Design With Model Predictive Controller For Heavy Commercial Vehicles With Actuation Delays 2022/2023 Fall
Ozan Dalgıran One Dimensional Simulation of R134A-R1234YF Replacement And Analysis of Hvac System Components Effect 2022/2023 Fall
Özgür Durdu Modal Analysis And Static Analysis of a Gearbox Casing for Gray Cast Iron, Aluminum and Magnesium Alloys 2022/2023 Fall
Yağmur İnce Investigation of the Effect of Ride Height on Aerodynamics By Using Ahmed Body 2022/2023 Fall
Berkay Genç Heat Absorption Efficiency Comparison for Different Window Materials in Automobiles 2022/2023 Fall
Kemal Mert Mısırlı Adaptive Cruise Controller Car Model in Simulink Matlab With Different Controller Types and Drive Modes 2022/2023 Fall
Gökhan Uluöz Performance Comparison for Different Refrigerants in Automobiles 2022/2023 Fall
Yavuz Sağlam Synchronous Reluctance Motor Working Theory and Controller Design 2022/2023 Fall
Kubilay Yıldız Hydrogen Vehicles and Creating an Efficient Fuel Cell System 2022/2023 Fall


Çağlar BAŞLAMIŞLI E. Köse / G. Anlaş LPV Modeling and Robust Control of Yaw and Roll Modes of Road Vehicles 2006 Fall
Veysel ALKAN G. Anlaş Prediction of Dynamic Force Characteristics of Automobile Radial Tires Using Finite Element and Experimental Techniques 2008 Spring
Yasin YILMAZ G. Anlaş Dynamic Analysis of Diesel Engine Crankshaft System Using Computational and Experimental Techniques 2008 Spring
Serdar Güryuva Hasan Bedir Turbulant Combustion Modeling of Diesel Fuel using LES with FDF/ISAT On-going
Bahadır Akyıldız Hasan Bedir LPV Control of a Diesel Engine On-going


Aydın TUNCER G. Anlaş Effect of Weatherstrip Seals on Vehicle Vibration and Acoustics 2004 Spring
Gülşah ŞENGÜN G. Anlaş Fatigue Lifetime of Rubber Engine Mounts 2005 Fall
Banu BİÇİCİ H. Bedir Modeling of an Autothermal Heat- Integrated Wall Reactor for Simulation of Hydrogen Production for Fuel Cell Applications 2005 Fall
Sertan AŞKAN G. Anlaş Kinematics of Dummies During Crash Using Finite Elements 2006 Spring
Artuğ ACAR G. Anlaş Effects of Suspension and Steering Parameters on Handling of a Light Commercial Vehicle 2006 Spring
Bahadır AKYILDIZ E. Köse Idle Speed Control of a Diesel Engine 2006 Fall
Onur Barış Hasan Bedir Correlation and Optimization of Thermodynamic Model Parameters with Experimental Data to Predict Emissions from a Diesel Engine On-going


GÜNAY ANLAŞ & ÇETİN YILMAZ OYAK RENAULT Experimental & Computational Analysis of Low Frequency Boom in Passenger Cars


GÜNAY ANLAŞ & EMRE KÖSE TOFAŞ-MEKATRO Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) Project
FAZIL ÖNDER SÖNMEZ TOFAŞ Modelling of Bolted Joints Using Finite Elements
ÇETİN YILMAZ OYAK RENAULT Measuring the Thickness of Individual Paint Layers on L38-B32 Type Car Bodies in a Single Measurement
HAKAN ERTÜRK OYAK RENAULT Optimization of Heating Wires for Defogging and De-icing of rear Automobile Windows
HASAN BEDİR & ERHAN AKSOYLU FORD-OTOSAN Modelling Carbon Canister Use to Reduce Hydrocarbon Emission
EMRE KÖSE TOFAŞ Development of a MATLAB / Simulink Vehicle Model for the Simulation of Vehicle Handling Characteristics
OYAK RENAULT An Investigation of the Differences in Sound Pressure Levels in L714 and L740-type
GÜNAY ANLAŞ & YASİN YILMAZ FORD-OTOSAN Dynamic Analysis of a Diesel Engine Crankshaft
GÜNAY ANLAŞ & EMRE KÖSE FORD-OTOSAN Investigation of Rollover Prevention System
GÜNAY ANLAŞ & EMRE KÖSE OYAK RENAULT Modeling & Analysis of Diesel Engine Mounts
FAZIL ÖNDER SÖNMEZ OYAK RENAULT Design of the Front Shock Traverse and Finite Element Analysis of the Crash Test

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